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The Urinator BT and Brand Synthetic Urine: An In-Depth Look

In 1998, The Urinator was introduced as a groundbreaking solution in the substitution industry, being the first electronic device of its kind. Initially, the biggest challenge was the lack of synthetic urine available in the market. This led to the development of Dr. John’s Synthetic Urine, ensuring a reliable and consistent sample to complement The Urinator. Today, both The Urinator and its new Bluetooth model, The Urinator BT, stand as the most advanced and reliable options available.

Evolution of Synthetic Urine sub solution synthetic urine

When The Urinator was launched, the market was saturated with detox drinks and additives, but none offered the reliability needed for substitution devices. Thus, Dr. John’s Synthetic Urine was developed, setting the standard for synthetic urine products. Unlike many other synthetic urines that have undergone numerous updates and re-formulations, Dr. John’s has remained consistent, proving its reliability over time.

Eventually synthetic urines became so popular that a company even came out with a product that has a heat activator powder called Sub Solution. Unfortunately  it is extremely expensive, they have a no return or refund policy and the heat activator is a foreign substance therefore its possible for it to be detected. So this is really a last use product.

The Urinator BT: A Technological Leap

The Urinator BT represents a significant advancement with its Bluetooth capability, allowing for remote monitoring and control via an Android phone. This modern feature provides real-time temperature updates and control, alleviating the stress of waiting for your name to be called in a testing facility. The vibrational notifications ensure discreet alerts, making the entire process seamless and stress-free.

Key Features of The Urinator BT

  1. Real-Time Temperature Monitoring: Check the temperature of your sample directly from your Android phone.
  2. Remote Heating Control: Activate or deactivate the heating pad remotely for precise temperature management.
  3. Discreet Notifications: Vibrational alerts ensure you are informed of the sample’s readiness without drawing attention.
  4. Dual Mode Functionality: Switch between Bluetooth mode and classic mode for versatility in different testing environments.


The Importance of Temperature Regulation

For employment-related urine tests, temperature regulation is critical. A sample outside the acceptable temperature range can lead to immediate suspicion and potential failure of the test. The Urinator and The Urinator BT are designed to maintain a constant 98 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that the sample is always within the required temperature range.

Misleading Claims in the Market

Powdered Human Urine: Some companies claim to sell “real powdered human urine,” but this is often misleading. Despite claims that it is not synthetic, powdered urine is, by definition, not real urine. These claims are often used to justify higher prices, misleading consumers.

Price Comparison:

  • Testclear Powdered Urine for a drug test: $39.95 (Warning: Do not believe statements of it being human powdered urine).
  • Urinator Brand Synthetic Urine: $15.00

The Urinator brand synthetic urine has a proven track record, having never failed in any laboratory tests to date. This reliability is unmatched by other brands.

What about

Common Misconceptions: What is Synthetic Urine made of and how to make synthetic urine ?

  1. Smell and Foam: Laboratories do not verify the smell or foam of urine samples. While some brands claim their product mimics the smell and foam of real urine, this is irrelevant to lab testing. Urine color and foam can vary greatly due to diet, hydration, and medical conditions.
  2. Chemical Composition: The essential factors are pH, creatinine, and specific gravity. Other elements like uric acid and urea can be included but are secondary to the primary components.
  3. Making your own synthetic urine is almost impossible. Look at it this way, if there are companies out there have problems then the average person will have even more problems.

Why Choose The Urinator BT

  • Reliability: Consistently maintains the correct temperature, ensuring a successful test.
  • Ease of Use: The Bluetooth features make it user-friendly and convenient, especially in stressful situations.
  • Proven Track Record: Over 25 years of success in the industry, with Dr. John’s Synthetic Urine being the most reliable product available.

Addressing Market Misrepresentation and synthetic urine belts.

Fake Reviews and Misinformation: Many companies engage in misleading advertising and fake reviews to promote their products. It is essential to rely on the track record and proven reliability of products rather than online reviews that can be manipulated.

Company Integrity: Unlike companies that constantly change their formulations or use deceptive marketing tactics, The Urinator brand has remained consistent and transparent with its customers.

What about synthetic urine belts: Synthetic urine belts on the market use organic heat pads and are inferior and actually more bulky than the Urinator. Plus they wrap completely around your body. So you have to wear loose clothing. With an organic heat pad, you have to watch your sample temperature all the time. With the Urinator you only have to hook up the batteries, see that it’s at temperature, and then you are good to go. It’s basically plug-n-play.

Questions and Answers

Q1: What makes The Urinator BT different from other synthetic urine devices? A: The Urinator BT offers Bluetooth connectivity for real-time temperature monitoring and control, ensuring the sample is always at the correct temperature.

Q2: Why is temperature regulation important for employment urine tests? A: Employment tests require the sample to be within a specific temperature range. Failure to meet this criterion can result in test failure and suspicion.

Q3: Can I use The Urinator BT for supervised tests? A: No, The Urinator BT is designed for unsupervised employment tests. For supervised tests, products with prosthetic attachments are recommended.

Q4: Is Dr. John’s Synthetic Urine reliable? A: Yes, it has been used successfully since 1998 and has a flawless track record in laboratory tests. Dr. John’s has the absolute best price of synthetic urine out there. Yes it is cheap synthetic urine in price, however it has the absolute best track record of any synthetic on the market. We have sold over 1 million samples. Our Urinator brand synthetic was designed in 1998 specifically for the Urinator. Made by a Medical Doctor.

Q5: What should I consider when choosing synthetic urine? A: Look for a product with a proven track record, consistent formulation, and reliable temperature regulation.

Q6: Why are some synthetic urines more expensive? A: Higher prices often result from marketing tactics rather than superior quality. The Urinator brand offers high quality at a reasonable price.

Q7: Are there any legal concerns with using synthetic urine? A: The legality of synthetic urine varies by state. It is essential to check local laws before using these products.

Q8: How do I prepare Dr. John’s Synthetic Urine? A: Simply mix the concentrated liquid with tap water at the time of testing. It’s easy and ensures the sample is fresh.

Q9: What about stores that sell synthetic urine near me? There are many synthetic urine brands out there. Don’t just buy anything, do your homework. We do not suggest any type of powdered urine due to clumping issues. Try Quick Fix if necessary. If you need more information about how to use Quick Fix urine? Just visit their website.

Q10: Why is your synthetic so cheap? Simple, once you purchase our synthetic urine the odds are you eventually will buy the Urinator. We will most likely have a customer for life. Many companies survive on urine sales alone. We don’t.

Q11: Can a lab test for fake urine? Absolutely, keep in mind that 95% of all synthetic urines will test as normal. You can have problems with powdered urines due to the manufacturing process of it not being mixed correctly in them laboratory that makes it. Products like Urinator Brand and Quick Fix are liquids that do not have this problem.


The Urinator BT is the pinnacle of innovation in the substitution industry, offering unparalleled reliability, convenience, and peace of mind. Designed for employment purposes, it ensures your sample is always at the correct temperature, eliminating the stress of waiting for your name to be called in a testing facility. With over 25 years of success, The Urinator and Dr. John’s Synthetic Urine remain the most trusted names in the industry. Always choose proven reliability over misleading marketing tactics to protect your genetic privacy and ensure successful test results.

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